Week 5 Bump n Run picks

Last week i beat my dad in total points and record.

I was 13-2 with 100 points  and my dad was 9-6 with 76 points

Here are me and my oppent’s week 5 picks.As always the higher the more confident you are they will win

Ari vs Stl: Grant Ari 11 Dad Ari 10

Gb vs Ind: Grant Gb 14 Dad Gb 13

Sea vs Car: Grant Sea 1 Dad Car 2

Cin vs Mia: Grant Cin 13 Dad Cin 14

Bal vs Kc: Grant Bal  8 Dad Bal 11

Phi vs Pit: Grant Pit 7 Dad Pit 4

Atl vs Wash: Grant Atl 5 Dad Wash 5

Chi vs Jac: Grant Chi 4 Dad Jac 6

Den vs Ne: Grant Den 3 Dad Ne 7

Buf vs Sf: Grant Sf 9 Dad Sf 12

Hou vs Nyj: Grant Hou 10 Dad Hou 1

No vs Sd: Grant No 2 Dad Sd 3


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Bump N Run week 4

Here are my week 4 picks.Ranked 1-15.With 1 be least confident and 15 being most confident.I will also include my opponent’s picks.

Bal vs Cle: Grant Bal 14 Dad Bal 13

SF vs NYJ: Grant SF 11 Dad NYJ 3

Sea vs Stl: Grant Sea 13 Dad Sea 6

No vs Gb: Grant Gb 3 Dad Gb 11

Car vs Atl: Grant Atl 12 Dad Atl 12

Ne vs Buf: Grant Ne 4 Dad Buf 2

Min vs Det: Grant Det 1 Dad Det 7

Ten vs Hou: Grant Hou 15 Dad Hou 14

SD vs Kc: Grant SD 10 Dad SD 10

Mia vs Ari: Grant Ari 5 Dad Ari 15

Oak vs Den: Grant Den 6 Dad Den 4

Cin vs Jac: Grant Cin 8 Dad Cin 1

Wash vs Tb: Grant Wash 7 Dad Tb 9

Nyg vs Phi: Grant Phi 2 Dad Phi 5

Chi vs Dal: Grant Chi 9 Dad Dal 8

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Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson(ochocinco) has bee released by the Miami dolphins. After his arrest for domestic battery.

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Deadline MLB Trades

Braves Received:Paul Maholm and Reed Johnson Cubs Received:2 minor league pitchers

Rangers Received: Geovany soto Cubs Received:Jacob Brigham

Blue Jays Received: Brad Lincoln Pirates Received:Travis Snider

I’ll keep you guys posted if there is any more.


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MLB Trade Rumors

Lyle Overbay to the Reds

Reds,Blue jays,Rangers interested in Matt Garza

Josh Beckett won’t be traded before deadline.

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Stanley Cup Finals

Congrats to the Los Angeles Kings on winning their first stanley cup.They are the highest seed ever to win the cup.The previous highest seed to win the cup was a 5 seed.

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Brewers vs Padres

I’m going to the Brewers game tomorrow.They are playing the San Diego Padres at 1:10.It is Nyjer morgan bobble head day, which some of you guys know is my favorite Brewers player.

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The America’s Got Talent Scandal Continues To Grow


CBS Detroit

By: Sara

Don’t go on national television and tell bold faced lies because eventually someone will call you on your bull. That is what country singer Timothy Poe is learning from his appearance this past Monday on America’s Got Talent. Just before his audition, Poe told a touching story about how he was injured in Afghanistan in 2009. He claimed he was hit by a grenade and came away with a brain injury that caused him to stutter. Poe stuttered while speaking, but not while singing, and his performance (plus story) garnered him an easy “yes” from all three judges. The problem? So far, Poe only has vague paperwork to back up his claim of injury and his ex-wife is telling the media that he is a pathological liar who never had a real stutter or combat injuries (of course she could just be bitter about the divorce).

The next…

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Memory book

This is a memory book i had to write to reflect on my middle school years.

6th Grade
Going into 6th grade I was excited to have a locker to keep my suppies and personal belongings in.I was nervous though that I would forget it.I hate having cubbies so having a locker was way better then a little cubbie.Although I couldn’t open my locker until a month after school started.I was kinda nervous that 8th graders would push me into lockers.Luckily that never happened.There were a lot of fun things we did in 6th grade.I enjoyed timberlee a lot.At timberlee we got to go fishing and hiking.My favorite activity was going canoeing.I almost tipped over,but luckily we didn’t.I also enjoyed Mr.Kvalheim.In his class we would always have fun.I had him for S.S,Reading/Laungage arts and homeroom.My fondest memory definelty has to be the boat regatta.Our team Consited of Zach Wolff,Haley Stanis,Lauren Reease,Casey Paulson,and me.Zach and Haley paddled our boat to a 3rd place finish.We each were awarded 100 money unit money dollars.6th grade was the year you went on a lot of trips.Most of those trips i enjoyed.

“You need your binder for science”

Top 5
2.Boat Reggatta
4.Money unit

7th grade
7th grade was different from 6th grade.Although you didn’t go on so many trips or events it is still fun.It was also easier then 6th grade.We already knew how the school worked and what the teachers would expect out of us.We didn’t do any unique things like you do in 6th Grade. 7th grade had some great teachers.My favorite teacher was Mr.Perez.I was kinda scared going into to class the first day.He had the Repuation as being a mean teacher.After i got to know him a little more i realized he wasn’t that bad.I also liked how we never wrote papers on paper.His class was all electronics.We took tests on the smart clickers and wrote our papers on the computers.This saved alot of paper.Even though there were only 11 kids in our class.I also enjoyed science with Mr.Redders.The dissections were fun and interesting.He would always scare girls by putting worms or crabs on their desk.I had PT in the stage room.It was different because we would never hear the classroom announcements.We also always had to take lunch count to the office.Instead of doing it by computer.Even though 7th Grade wasn’t as memorable as 6th grade,it was still a great year.

Top 5
1.Mr.Perez Class
2.End of the year trip
3.Spanish Class
4.Guided Study

My Favorite Quote:

“You guys chew your gum like camels”-Mr.perez

8th grade page

8th grade was a fun year.You get to go to great America,While the 6 and 7th graders have to either go to Kalahari or The brewers game.I went to the
Brewers game.I had some awesome teachers in 8th grade.One of my favorite teacher was Mr.Martina.He always made me laugh.I looked forward to 9/10 all day.Our class was hilarious with Quinton.I also liked guided study with Mrs.Breunig.She was nice and helpful.I also liked how she let us use our Ipods to listen to music.I also went to movies with my friends.We went to the hunger games premiere.We were the first people in line at Marcus Eastgate Cinema.It was a pretty good movies.I also went to go see Men In Black 3 and Snow White and the Huntsman.They were kinda good.My Freinds and I plan on going to the midnight premiere of the Dark Knight Rises.It comes out July 20.I can’t Wait.My PT was great this year.We would always be laughing and talking during Dear Day.We almost won the tug a war tournament .Overall 8th grade was the funniest year.The teachers were great and the homework/Projects were pretty easy.

Me and my friends at The Hunger Games premiere.

Some Great teacher Quotes

“Those boys are lazier then 2 dead fish” Mr.Penticoff

“Put your phone away,Grant”-Mr.Martina

The Next Steps
I’m very excited to leave the middle school and go to highschool.At the highschool you can actually pick the classes you want to take.Instead of having classes picked for you.You also get more freedom at the highschool.Your not always moderated like at the middle school.I think the way the teachers teach will be different.You will be older and more respectful.I have some very important goals in highschool.I want to make sure i turn in my hw.I also want to study for tests more.I also want to be very organized.Sometimes i’m organized and sometimes i’m super disorganized.I see myself possibly working on web designing.I could also see myself working with computer/Social media.

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League Idea

This is a league i  made up.I’m trying to start it up.Any interest email me or comment.

About this league     
College GameDay is a brand new multi-sport fantasy league with 70 teams in 5 super  conferences competing in both football and basketball. Each team inherits their actual roster and will be able to keep 5 of their teams freshman every year. The remaining players go to bidding for which each team is given a balance to spend. Each conference has there own commissioner. That conference commissioner is responsibly for there teams rosters.Basketball and Football will have weekly head to head match-ups.Teams are ranked in polls using a  BCS and Coaches poll. This league scores on Fantrax.Check out the rules

College GameDay
*** Means need to be verified or more info needed.
Staff System
NCAA President/Founders: Eric, Grant
NCAA Commissioners:Grant, Eric, Gary (Oversees the whole league)
Executive President/Co Commissioner: Gary and Vacant (looks over Signings and makes sure Conferences commissioners are updating rosters).
Assistant to Commissioner: John (jm8513)
President of Talent Relations: Brandon (Talks to recruiters and informs whole league of Events  
Conference Presidents: (Updates rosters and communicates with there members) You are allowed to hire an assistant.
ACC: Vacant
Big Ten: Grant (Temp)
Big XII:: Vacant
Pac-12: Frank
SEC: Vacant

Contact Information
-Eric: ejh1528 (Google, AIM and Yahoo)

-We will be using Fantrax for scoring, unless a better service is found.
-Scoring stats used:Coming soon

-5 conferences (ACC, SEC, Pac-12, Big 10, Big 12)
-70 teams
-Football (QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR/TE, TE, D/ST, K, Bench (10))
-Basketball (G, G, F, F, C, C, UTL, UTL Bench (5?))

-Each team is given a balance to bid on players that are from the reject conferences.
Players can be bid on any time during the season.
Each team will get their own Freshman (up to 5) and the rest go into bidding.
All teams must keep at least 10 players on their own roster to keep the real team alive.

-Grant and Eric will have full league powers.
-Conferences Presidents will have powers only to there rosters
-The Executive President will have powers only in transactions.
-Assistant coaches are available.

Standings and Schedules
-Football schedule will be head to head weekly (9 reg season weeks, week 10 conf. champ, 3 playoff weeks)
-Basketball schedule will be Head to head weekly
-BCS type poll
-Coaches Poll 10-20 random will participate.(however they can’t vote for themselves)

Each conference is awarded an automatic bid to its champion.  Conference presidents must decide on having a championship game before the season.
The regular season will be 10 weeks long – Week 1 through Week 10. The playoffs will be 3 weeks long for the eight teams involved.  (5 or 6 Conf champs, 2 or 3 bids)
-The league may expand but it has to have the approval of the 5/6 conference presidents and the Executive office.
-Possible expansions:New Mexico

Conference movement
-You are allowed to switch teams only once a year and that is after the season is over. However ,the conference that you want to move into will have to be approved by that conference’s commissioner.
-A conference may be no less than 8 teams and no more than 14 teams.
-Rules (Eric/Grant)
35/35?-Rosters (Grant/Eric)
-Sign up sheet (Eric/Grant)
-Teams available sheet (Grant/Eric)
Conference Showdown
– The conference commissioners will get together and make a contract with each other. Contracts are yearly done. They will then agree together to match games vs each other. Each team can only play once in the challenge. The challenge will be spread over a 2 week span.

League Policy

-Please be respectful of all owners in the league.
-Unless you have a legit reason for being inactive (Ex. Surgery, Business Trip, Problems with internet connection, illness, any serious reason), if you are inactive for longer than 2 weeks, I will remove you. Please let me know in advance that you will not be active because of a serious reason. In these cases, I would suggest getting a friend of yours to be a co-owner with you in order to keep your team active.

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The No Fun League

Written January 17 2012

The NFL(The No Fun League)

The NFL has turned into a “no fun League”  as some might say.This is being said because of   many ridiculous fines for just celebrating a touchdown or a sack.These fines were only handed out to a small amount of player until this year.Before this year Chad ochocino was the main offender in these touchdown celebrations.His celebrations were the kind that should be fined not the ones getting fined these year.It is so bad right now that some players don’t know why they are being fined.This is something the NFL rules committee should discuss in training camps next year.I can understand fines for illegal hits or some celebrations but,some of these celebrations  being fined for are just for fun.And players are getting fined for dress code issues.Marshawn lynch was fined $5000 for wearing green socks.That is part of there alternate uniform.He was also fined 10,000 dollars for wearing the skittles logo on his shoes.Why dress code violations?The companies are just trying to get a little advertisement into football.That just happens to be his nickname skittles!!.These violations aren’t that big of a deal. Its not like his cleats had some special motor on them that made him faster. Or his socks were any better than his opponents because they were green.Then the entire New Orleans saints team was fined for just wearing Red and green tape in celebration of Christmas.Wes welker of the patriots was fined 10,000 dollars for not wearing an NFL sponsored shirt during a press conference.I think instead of taking the fun out,The league should allow creative socks or shoes to be worn.And The companies would be paying royalties to the NFL.And stop being so harsh on touchdown dances.Does it really hurt someone when you do a funny touchdown dance?Or are celebrating a sack?Unless you are tauting then there is really no reason for these fines.

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NBA Finals

Thunder vs Heat or Celtics.


I want the celtics to win but i think the heat have to much momentum.The Heat will win the title in 6 games.And Lebron will get his 1st ring.

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Sports App Review

Here is a review of a sports app

Scoremobile:I believe this is the best sports app out there.You can see scores from about every sport!You can follow your favorite players and team.You can also sync your favorite teams schedule to you mobile calender.I used to use sportstacular and it just didn’t have as many features as scoremobile does.I recommend this app as the first sports scores app you get!Stop using sportstacular and get ScoreMobiel!!!!


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NBA Playoffs

Can the lakers win 2 straight games in a row?

The lakers are    playing Back-Back Games

The Thunder are   playing Back-Back Games


The Clipper-Spurs play Game 3 tonight.I think the clippers will win one game in the series but the Spurs are going to the western conference finals to play against the Oklahoma city Thunder.

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NBA Playoffs May 4

Chicago Vs 76ers:76ers win 79-74 76ers lead series 2-1

Atlanta Vs Boston:Boston Wins 90-84(OT)

Lakers Vs Nuggets:Nuggets win 99-84

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NBA Playoffs

Who will win the NBA finals?

Here are my predictions for Round 1 Matchups

Clippers Vs Grizzlies:Clippers in 6

Chicago Vs 76ers:Bulls in 6

Atlanta Vs Boston:Boston in 7

Lakers Vs Nuggets:Lakers in 4

Indiana Vs Orlando:Indiana in 5

Thunder Vs Dallas:Thunder in 4

Spurs Vs Utah:Spurs in 5

Miami Vs New York: Miami in 4

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