It’s not all romo Fault

Another year, another bad December for the Dallas Cowboys.
Another year, another dose of bad play from QB Tony Romo.
However, in his defense, it is not all his fault. I could point to a lot of things that are wrong with the Cowboys, from the defense and injuries to coaching – in this case, BAD coaching.
I understand why coach Jason Garrett still has a job – he’s only been on the job for a season and a half. But his dubious in-game coaching decisions have cost him at least one game this season. Who could have forgotten the time when Garrett iced HIS OWN KICKER in Arizona? Win that game and there would not have been a need to win the last game of the season.
Also, what happened to that “vaunted” Rob Ryan defense? The D was so porous, I along with 10 random cats could have hung 20 points on Dallas. Granted there was no offseason workouts and minicamps thanks to that stupid lockout, but Ryan did not get the job done.
Can Romo play better? Sure.
I’m just saying there are more problems in Dallas that supersedes Romo. So it’s time to lay off the Romo criticism – for now…


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