Opinion on Joe Pa

Go ahead and take your shots at Penn State and Joe Paterno. I personally feel like society has betrayed the school. I feel like society just wants a scape goat and never wants to blame the people responsible for such horrid acts.

Go ahead and read the Grand Jury report before you start judging Joe. Think about your university before you start judging the students protesting. Think about Paterno’s legacy as a teacher, mentor, and philanthropist before you start throwing his entire life under the bus.

Put yourself in his position. Let’s say you work for Company ABC as a Manager. One of your direct reports comes to you saying they have witnessed a Consultant, a former employee of Company ABC, engage in some ludicrous, horrible act. What do you do? You weren’t the witness. You cannot go to the police based on hearsay. You should report it and you go ahead and do this. You report it to your Manager and the one in charge of Compliance, etc… They tell you the situation has been handled and the Consultant has been removed from Company ABC’s grounds indefinitely. You follow up with it only to find out that the situation is resolved. You did not witness this act. Perhaps the one thing that is being left out of this is why didn’t you pressure your employee to go to the police… or did you do that? What if they refuse to do so or even lie to you and say they did? What if you then hear there is a legal process unfolding against this Consultant? You began to feel satisfied, not about the situation, but that things are being done to take care of this. You ask yourself – how do you prevent this from happening in the future. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything to control another human being.

Change that analogous story to McQueary and Paterno with the Penn State Sandusky scandal… your answers shouldn’t change. Your answers should not change if you say, “well, if it was my child”. You must be consistent in your judgment and take all facts and supporting character evidence in place.

I feel like the Pennsylvania State University, its student, alumni, football program, and Joe Paterno, have been wronged by a former employee (Sandusky) and the upper echelon of command in Athletics (Curley), Police (the SVP of Business/Finance), and Executive Order (Spanier).


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