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Stanley Cup Finals

Congrats to the Los Angeles Kings on winning their first stanley cup.They are the highest seed ever to win the cup.The previous highest seed to win the cup was a 5 seed. Advertisements

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Brewers vs Padres

I’m going to the Brewers game tomorrow.They are playing the San Diego Padres at 1:10.It is Nyjer morgan bobble head day, which some of you guys know is my favorite Brewers player.

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The America’s Got Talent Scandal Continues To Grow

Originally posted on CBS Detroit:
By: Sara Don’t go on national television and tell bold faced lies because eventually someone will call you on your bull. That is what country singer Timothy Poe is learning from his appearance this past…

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Memory book

This is a memory book i had to write to reflect on my middle school years. 6th Grade Going into 6th grade I was excited to have a locker to keep my suppies and personal belongings in.I was nervous though … Continue reading

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League Idea

This is a league i  made up.I’m trying to start it up.Any interest email me or comment. About this league     College GameDay is a brand new multi-sport fantasy league with 70 teams in 5 super  conferences competing in both football … Continue reading

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The No Fun League

Written January 17 2012 The NFL(The No Fun League) The NFL has turned into a “no fun League”  as some might say.This is being said because of   many ridiculous fines for just celebrating a touchdown or a sack.These fines were … Continue reading

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NBA Finals

Thunder vs Heat or Celtics.   I want the celtics to win but i think the heat have to much momentum.The Heat will win the title in 6 games.And Lebron will get his 1st ring.

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