League Idea

This is a league i  made up.I’m trying to start it up.Any interest email me or comment.

About this league     
College GameDay is a brand new multi-sport fantasy league with 70 teams in 5 super  conferences competing in both football and basketball. Each team inherits their actual roster and will be able to keep 5 of their teams freshman every year. The remaining players go to bidding for which each team is given a balance to spend. Each conference has there own commissioner. That conference commissioner is responsibly for there teams rosters.Basketball and Football will have weekly head to head match-ups.Teams are ranked in polls using a  BCS and Coaches poll. This league scores on Fantrax.Check out the rules

College GameDay
*** Means need to be verified or more info needed.
Staff System
NCAA President/Founders: Eric, Grant
NCAA Commissioners:Grant, Eric, Gary (Oversees the whole league)
Executive President/Co Commissioner: Gary and Vacant (looks over Signings and makes sure Conferences commissioners are updating rosters).
Assistant to Commissioner: John (jm8513)
President of Talent Relations: Brandon (Talks to recruiters and informs whole league of Events  
Conference Presidents: (Updates rosters and communicates with there members) You are allowed to hire an assistant.
ACC: Vacant
Big Ten: Grant (Temp)
Big XII:: Vacant
Pac-12: Frank
SEC: Vacant

Contact Information
-Eric: ejh1528 (Google, AIM and Yahoo)

-We will be using Fantrax for scoring, unless a better service is found.
-Scoring stats used:Coming soon

-5 conferences (ACC, SEC, Pac-12, Big 10, Big 12)
-70 teams
-Football (QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR/TE, TE, D/ST, K, Bench (10))
-Basketball (G, G, F, F, C, C, UTL, UTL Bench (5?))

-Each team is given a balance to bid on players that are from the reject conferences.
Players can be bid on any time during the season.
Each team will get their own Freshman (up to 5) and the rest go into bidding.
All teams must keep at least 10 players on their own roster to keep the real team alive.

-Grant and Eric will have full league powers.
-Conferences Presidents will have powers only to there rosters
-The Executive President will have powers only in transactions.
-Assistant coaches are available.

Standings and Schedules
-Football schedule will be head to head weekly (9 reg season weeks, week 10 conf. champ, 3 playoff weeks)
-Basketball schedule will be Head to head weekly
-BCS type poll
-Coaches Poll 10-20 random will participate.(however they can’t vote for themselves)

Each conference is awarded an automatic bid to its champion.  Conference presidents must decide on having a championship game before the season.
The regular season will be 10 weeks long – Week 1 through Week 10. The playoffs will be 3 weeks long for the eight teams involved.  (5 or 6 Conf champs, 2 or 3 bids)
-The league may expand but it has to have the approval of the 5/6 conference presidents and the Executive office.
-Possible expansions:New Mexico

Conference movement
-You are allowed to switch teams only once a year and that is after the season is over. However ,the conference that you want to move into will have to be approved by that conference’s commissioner.
-A conference may be no less than 8 teams and no more than 14 teams.
-Rules (Eric/Grant)
35/35?-Rosters (Grant/Eric)
-Sign up sheet (Eric/Grant)
-Teams available sheet (Grant/Eric)
Conference Showdown
– The conference commissioners will get together and make a contract with each other. Contracts are yearly done. They will then agree together to match games vs each other. Each team can only play once in the challenge. The challenge will be spread over a 2 week span.

League Policy

-Please be respectful of all owners in the league.
-Unless you have a legit reason for being inactive (Ex. Surgery, Business Trip, Problems with internet connection, illness, any serious reason), if you are inactive for longer than 2 weeks, I will remove you. Please let me know in advance that you will not be active because of a serious reason. In these cases, I would suggest getting a friend of yours to be a co-owner with you in order to keep your team active.


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