The America’s Got Talent Scandal Continues To Grow


CBS Detroit

By: Sara

Don’t go on national television and tell bold faced lies because eventually someone will call you on your bull. That is what country singer Timothy Poe is learning from his appearance this past Monday on America’s Got Talent. Just before his audition, Poe told a touching story about how he was injured in Afghanistan in 2009. He claimed he was hit by a grenade and came away with a brain injury that caused him to stutter. Poe stuttered while speaking, but not while singing, and his performance (plus story) garnered him an easy “yes” from all three judges. The problem? So far, Poe only has vague paperwork to back up his claim of injury and his ex-wife is telling the media that he is a pathological liar who never had a real stutter or combat injuries (of course she could just be bitter about the divorce).

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