The No Fun League

Written January 17 2012

The NFL(The No Fun League)

The NFL has turned into a “no fun League”  as some might say.This is being said because of   many ridiculous fines for just celebrating a touchdown or a sack.These fines were only handed out to a small amount of player until this year.Before this year Chad ochocino was the main offender in these touchdown celebrations.His celebrations were the kind that should be fined not the ones getting fined these year.It is so bad right now that some players don’t know why they are being fined.This is something the NFL rules committee should discuss in training camps next year.I can understand fines for illegal hits or some celebrations but,some of these celebrations  being fined for are just for fun.And players are getting fined for dress code issues.Marshawn lynch was fined $5000 for wearing green socks.That is part of there alternate uniform.He was also fined 10,000 dollars for wearing the skittles logo on his shoes.Why dress code violations?The companies are just trying to get a little advertisement into football.That just happens to be his nickname skittles!!.These violations aren’t that big of a deal. Its not like his cleats had some special motor on them that made him faster. Or his socks were any better than his opponents because they were green.Then the entire New Orleans saints team was fined for just wearing Red and green tape in celebration of Christmas.Wes welker of the patriots was fined 10,000 dollars for not wearing an NFL sponsored shirt during a press conference.I think instead of taking the fun out,The league should allow creative socks or shoes to be worn.And The companies would be paying royalties to the NFL.And stop being so harsh on touchdown dances.Does it really hurt someone when you do a funny touchdown dance?Or are celebrating a sack?Unless you are tauting then there is really no reason for these fines.


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