Bump N Run week 4

Here are my week 4 picks.Ranked 1-15.With 1 be least confident and 15 being most confident.I will also include my opponent’s picks.

Bal vs Cle: Grant Bal 14 Dad Bal 13

SF vs NYJ: Grant SF 11 Dad NYJ 3

Sea vs Stl: Grant Sea 13 Dad Sea 6

No vs Gb: Grant Gb 3 Dad Gb 11

Car vs Atl: Grant Atl 12 Dad Atl 12

Ne vs Buf: Grant Ne 4 Dad Buf 2

Min vs Det: Grant Det 1 Dad Det 7

Ten vs Hou: Grant Hou 15 Dad Hou 14

SD vs Kc: Grant SD 10 Dad SD 10

Mia vs Ari: Grant Ari 5 Dad Ari 15

Oak vs Den: Grant Den 6 Dad Den 4

Cin vs Jac: Grant Cin 8 Dad Cin 1

Wash vs Tb: Grant Wash 7 Dad Tb 9

Nyg vs Phi: Grant Phi 2 Dad Phi 5

Chi vs Dal: Grant Chi 9 Dad Dal 8


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Hello,I'm a sports blogger.I also like to blog about movies and tech. stuff!
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